Innovation Management

Our Innovation Management solution allows you to tap efficiently into the collective intelligence of your organisation’s internal community, to achieve real and lasting results.

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  • Easy and intuitive to use, our platform reaches every corner of the organisation
  • Fully gamified software with integrated rewards keeps adoption rates high (includes US patented technology)
  • Seamless integration with corporate environments simplifies deployment
  • Field-tested best practices obtain lasting results
  • Incentives and communication plans increase participants’ engagement
  • Community nurturing boosts collaboration

Clients say

“The degree of internal satisfaction regarding employees’ involvement has increased significantly. More than two-thirds have registered, with a total impact of €30 million in implemented measures.”

PT Innovation Management Division

“The decision to choose Idea Market came about because this solution combines software and associated value-added services with a rapid and effective response to the process of collecting, assessing and implementing innovative ideas.”

Endesa R&D Portfolio Management

“This programme has accelerated the creative potential of our team. It has also allowed us to industrialise the implementation of new ideas and, as such, significantly reduce the time to market.”



More engagement and participation

Increased quality of contributions

Highly efficient evaluation model

Measurable and sustainable results

Field-tested best practices

Extensive customisation options

Seamless corporate integration

Smooth rollout

360º monitoring and control

Flexible community targeting

Fully managed service (optional)

Easy management

How does it work?

Challenge the community

As a business manager, you communicate your challenge to the community. You can target specific elements or sub-groups.

Run the evaluation engine

Participants suggest ideas to address challenges, support evaluation and co-create solutions. Collective intelligence decides which ideas to present to management

Monitor results

Management decides which ideas to implement and monitor. Successes are celebrated and the community is kept informed.


Challenge definition

  • Managers can define innovation challenges so they target specific organisational segments: business units, key geographies or knowledge communities.
  • You can configure each challenge with explicit rules, timescales and incentive schemes.
  • Our back-office makes updates easy, as you might need to make adjustments during the challenge period.

This flexibility in scheduling innovation challenges ensures continuous alignment with your organisation’s strategic and operational needs. All managers – not just the platform administrator – can suggest and submit changes for quicker responses and value creation.

Insight management

  • Our sophisticated functionalities for insight management allow generic insight creation – labelling and linking this to specific ideas and challenges.
  • Participants can describe their insights in simple observations or complex videos, sets of images or industry reports.
  • You can search for and retrieve these in any context or when needed.

Sponsors of innovation challenges receive better ideas if they are focused on specific insights. By providing their own insights and allowing participants to do the same, they derive more value from innovation. Insights spark ideas.

Gamification engine

  • Exago’s platform gamifies the innovation process. This provides incentives and game-like dynamics to promote specific behaviours and interactions with the platform.
  • Key gamified activities include, among others, insight submission, thematic discussions and idea creation, co-creation and evaluation.
  • Our virtual currency tracks users in the innovation process and establishes links with prizes and rewards.

Gamification keeps users engaged for longer. It also allows managers to tweak game dimensions to promote a variety of behaviours during different maturity stages, such as initial incentives for quantity of interactions and for quality at a later stage. This approach sustains adoption with ever-increasing value creation.


Innovation challenges definition

  • Exago works with you to define your initiative’s innovation challenges.
  • Based on your strategy and operational priorities, we schedule and structure these challenges to achieve maximum results.
  • The output is a formulation of challenge definitions, together with specific incentives and supporting materials.

As a result, you find better solutions and engage your community for longer. You achieve more value in more challenges – with a more direct impact on your business needs.

Metrics and KPIs definition

  • Exago helps you define the appropriate indicators and targets for the innovation initiative, ranging from adoption to participation to actual return on innovation.
  • We support you in automating the collection of KPI’s, indicators and reporting.
  • We ensure measurement and reporting are aligned with your organisation’s ambitions and capabilities.

Metrics and targets allow you to manage your innovation initiative, allocate resources, communicate with management and celebrate your achievements. We help you choose the most relevant measures.

Programme governance model

  • Exago works with you to define activities and responsibilities, to ensure a governance model and appropriate processes are in place.
  • We present you with a RACI matrix, a detailed description of each stage and the interfaces between online and offline activities, in the form of structured charts and documents.

This service gives you the building blocks for managing and communicating internally, so you can appropriately allocate resources and ensure initiative continuity.