Our consulting and management services assist you in effectively deploying and managing your key business challenges.


Exago offers consulting services that are tailored to your organisation. Always mindful of where you are in your business processes, our consultants work to guarantee the success of your company’s efforts – providing solutions that draw upon the best practices of setting up and executing an initiative suited to tackle your key challenges.

Deploy your initiative in accordance with our field-tested best practices. Our consulting services assure you are set up for success.


Exago’s management services run alongside your initiative, improving and expanding how you and all participants navigate the process. Once your programme gets started, our experts are ready to continuously guide, advise and assist you through its various cycles. We coach, monitor the programme and guarantee content moderation, to ensure optimal results.

Take the most value out of the adopted solution. Our management services make sure your objectives are met.

Consulting Services

Process definition

We deliver an end-to-end process definition, detailing activities and responsibilities at each phase, essential to achieving your initiative goals. Our consultants identify each macro phase of your programme and together we design an adjusted execution process. Our field-tested best practices help you benefit from accumulated experience and boost value creation.

Communication plan definition

We recommend an effective communication plan to guarantee community awareness and maximise participation – laying out the content, channels and timeline for each phase. An Exago consultant works closely with your organisation to design a plan that meets your requirements and matches your goals. Motivation and engagement are boosted throughout the initiative.

Incentives plan definition

We provide best practices to build a productive and appealing incentives model – namely rewards, eligibility and budget definition. We present the most effective incentives, including prizes and recognition, to capture employees’ differing personalities, throughout the entire programme. The incentives plan ensures communities are engaged and aligned with your leadership’s agenda.

Analytics modelling

We provide detailed analytic reports, which ensure your project managers are aware of how the initiative performs. We can update reports at any time, so that you have detailed and timely analytics. Results are compared with initial targets, to aid decisions about how to improve. Exago’s team works closely with you to make sure programme reporting matches your needs.

Management Services

Monitoring and program review

We provide reviews and recommendations, based on defined key metrics, ensuring maximum output and effectiveness. This helps you monitor your initiative’s progress, in several dimensions, and decide where to go next and how to improve your results. An Exago consultant works closely with your organisation, adjusting programme dimensions as needed.

Content validation

Tags, ideas, and user-comments are validated according to your specifications to ensure their relevance and application, fitting within the challenges’ scope. We make also sure there is no duplication or unclear content. This service guarantees the data and the discussions are meaningful and develop valuable input for your business challenges.

Platform administration

We upload administrative content after go-live, with multilingual support and back office configurations, according to your requirements, so everything is in place to meet your needs throughout the entire initiative. We execute this service in a test environment, giving your team the chance to review all changes before they go live.