• Easy and intuitive to use, our platform reaches every corner of the organisation
  • Fully gamified software with integrated rewards catalog keeps adoption rates high (US patented technology)
  • Multiple evaluation methods:Market investments, Simple rating or multidimensional rating
  • Enables engagement of internal or external communities of users
  • Flexible and easy to configure workflow Engine
  • Seamless integration with corporate environments simplifies deployment

Clients say

“The degree of internal satisfaction regarding employees’ involvement has increased significantly. More than two-thirds have registered, with a total impact of €30 million in implemented measures.”

PT Innovation Management Division

“The decision to choose Idea Market came about because this solution combines software and associated value-added services with a rapid and effective response to the process of collecting, assessing and implementing innovative ideas.”

Endesa R&D Portfolio Management

“This programme has accelerated the creative potential of our team. It has also allowed us to industrialise the implementation of new ideas and, as such, significantly reduce the time to market.”



More engagement and participation

Increased quality of contributions

Highly efficient evaluation models

Measurable and sustainable results

Fully brandable platform

Extensive customisation options

Seamless corporate integration

Smooth rollout

360º monitoring and control

Flexible community targeting

Fully managed service (optional)

Easy management

Intuitive and easy to use

  • User centric interface and flows
  • Fully guided idea collection, evaluation and selection
  • Flexible definition of challenges, idea structure and workflow
  • Multiple evaluation methods
  • Internal or external community mobilisation

Fosters quality and engagement

  • Fully gamified experience
  • Integrated incentive engine
  • Integrated user rewards catalog
  • Insights management
  • Collaborative idea improvement

360º monitoring and control

  • Current activity dashboard
  • Powerful reporting engine
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Flexible profile based data access

Seamless integration in corporate environments

  • Fully brandable
  • Integration with corporate profile management and authentication
  • Information security and confidentiality assurance
  • Delivered as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) or “On-premises”