Open Innovation

Our Open Innovation model gives you easy access to new sources of innovation, by asking different questions of different communities. With our proven solution, you can deliver better and quicker results and strengthen brand awareness for your organisation.

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  • Engage external communities to access different points of view
  • Link and share content with external social networks for maximum reach
  • Activate your brand and communicate your values with a fully brandable programme
  • Manage your external community to ensure valuable participation
  • Integrate externally generated content with your internal community for evaluation and implementation
  • Maximise adoption and usage with a sophisticated but simple user-interface

Clients say

“The decision to choose Idea Market came about because this solution combines software and associated value-added services with a rapid and effective response to the process of collecting, assessing and implementing innovative ideas.”

Endesa R&D Portfolio Management

“The Innovation Exchange captures the knowledge spread across the organisation through a mechanism that allows the collection, sharing, discussion, voting and selection of the collaborator’s proposed ideas.”

Head of Innovation EDP

“We have been able to involve the whole Fleury universe in the collaborative process, allowing the participation of different types of people: creative individuals, critics and executors.”

Strategy, Innovation and R&D Senior Manager at Grupo Fleury


More contributors targeted

Flexible evaluation of community content

Increased quality of contributions

Access to quality actionable content

Wider reach, wherever your community is

Fully brandable programme

Extensive use of prizes and incentives

Reinforced brand values

360º monitoring and control

Flexible workflow design

Fully managed service (optional)

Easy management

How does it work?

Assess your initiative’s scope and goals

We assist you in identifying top challenges and the most relevant stakeholders to engage, as well as in designing an online collaborative environment that fits your needs.

Tap into the community

You maximise the contribution of your targeted community, taking into account incentives, communication and process timeline.

Review the results

We help you monitor and gather the initiative’s outcomes, sharing them with the community involved. Then you start looking again at other challenges also aligned with your business strategy. A new cycle can begin.


Horizontal incentive scheme

  • Exago’s platform implements a horizontal incentive scheme that covers each stage of the open innovation process.
  • For each valuable interaction with the platform, participants receive digital currency.
  • Participants can exchange the currency amassed for prizes aligned with your overall programme objectives.

These incentives allow programme managers to promote the desired behaviours of targeted stakeholders or community. You can then manage this programme for brand awareness, quality of proposals and quantity of interactions.

Main social network integration

  • Exago’s solution allows you to activate integration with the main social networks (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), directly from the platform.
  • Participants can use their Facebook login to register their presence in the platform.
  • They can share all content extensively across these platforms.

Users can register easily without an extra login and password. In this way, your programme’s reach can increase not only to include more participants but also more content shared beyond Exago’s platform.

Corporate environment integration

  • Our solution allows you to integrate external activity (outside the corporate firewall) with internal participation.
  • Your internal community can evaluate, filter, dispatch and decide on the content elaborated and discussed by the external community.
  • You can define incentives to promote more relevant activities in the internal community (e.g. content evaluation).

This is key to quick decision-making and project implementation, ensuring prompt feedback and continuous community engagement. It also eliminates the need for corporate IT to manage security issues linked with cross-border information.


Community definition and communication plan

  • You receive a communication plan containing key timings, targets, formats and messages.
  • We present you with a detailed schedule of activities and elements aligned with programme objectives.
  • You define community places, and your communication message stays in line with both your community and targeted places.

Identifying where you can find targeted stakeholders online and communicating assertively in these places is key to the programme’s success. Our systematic approach ensures the maximum of relevant participation.

Definition of participation incentive plan

  • Exago provides you with a detailed overall plan of programme incentives, articulating which activities should be promoted and how.
  • Our template models accelerate decision-making.
  • These create a clear link between incentives and rewards, aligned with programme objectives and organisational brand values.

Incentives and prizes ensure that your community engages and makes valuable contributions. Detailed definitions allow you to manage a variety of objectives at different stages of the programme, dramatically increasing the quality of participation.

External/internal governance model

  • You get a detailed description of needed organisational structure and responsibilities for the overall open innovation programme.
  • This description also includes programme metrics, controls, activities and accountabilities.
  • Exago works with you to define this model and process, to ensure cultural fit and organisational alignment.

This living documentation is critical for internal communication and sponsorship engagement. Also, by focusing on the process’s later stages (typically related with proposal implementation), you create internal awareness – accelerating decision-making and transparency.