Strategic cost-cutting and improvement in the innovation corporate agenda

Leaders with a clear vision use cost-cutting and improvement to align costs with business strategy. In this paper, we explain how you can add it to your innovation agenda, discussing also how an innovation culture can save you costs and deliver continuous and effective results.

A model for daily innovation

There are quite a few examples of companies being blindsided by new products, new technologies and apps, struggling to accept and foresee change and the need to constantly innovate. Thinking about how to present innovation to companies, to help them see it as a daily function of their job, resulted in the birth of the Model for Daily Innovation, by our partner Rumman Ahmad.

Why Innovation drives engagement among generations Y and Z

Combining Human Resources and Innovation expertise, Aylin Olsun, managing partner of ASO Company, and Diana Neves de Carvalho, Exago’s CEO, share insights and recommendations on how to increase the engagement of these ever more demanding employees, while strengthening your company’s collaborative innovation culture. 

KPMG Innovation Survey 2016

Exago has partnered with KPMG in Portugal to promote the first ‘Innovation Survey’ to companies operating in the country. The survey includes an in-depth analysis and insights from global experts. (in Portuguese)

Your Ultimate Innovation Challenge

How can you identify your company’s main challenges? Which topics are more common or easily embraced by employees? And what techniques can help you both choose and define your challenges?