Five key dimensions for building your innovation challenges

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Remember these five innovation challenges dimensions

In the process of setting objectives for your business goals, you should always think SMART – as management guru Peter Drucker applies this expression. To make your objectives easy to understand and monitor, they need to be specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related. This mnemonic can be useful when establishing innovation challenges.

Are you building your innovation challenges right?

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Putting the pieces together

Having identified your key innovation challenges – aligned with your company’s higher purpose and strategic goals and made attainable, useful and targeted – it’s time to focus on describing them plainly and completely, to guarantee you’ll get meaningful content.

Finally, your 7th innovation journey must-have

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7 innovation journey must-haves

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10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 6 assures community awareness

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Vintage radio and microphone

If people don’t come, your innovation efforts stand no chance. Active and clear communication is fundamental to maximising engagement, guaranteeing adequate participation. It also assures community awareness. Building a witty communication plan – one that lives and breathes innovation – is paramount for the success of your idea management programme across borders.

TIP: The innovation keystone you may be missing

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Old building in ruins

When launching your innovation management effort, you must find a way to communicate that the initiative is bigger than just a simple project. We’re talking about the opportunity to define the company’s future. The opportunity to out-differentiate your competition and, more importantly, to write history together.

TIP: Is your innovation effort transparent enough?

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Countryside road through a lens

Today the traditional model of ‘top management decides’ and ‘everyone else unquestioningly executes’ is less likely to succeed, namely in your innovation efforts. Leaders need to define strategy based upon established fundamentals and then clearly communicate that strategy throughout their organisation. Transparency is paramount in the twenty-first century enterprise.

TIP: How to duck the innovation implementation void

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Subway escalator

Say you’ve run the front-end process and have successfully identified the ideas and opportunities that make the most sense to implement, but now you lack resources. As a result, the opportunity falls into an implementation void and you get the blame for the low return of your innovation management programme.

TIP: Are top leaders tuned in?

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Soundmixing table

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