Is gamification the way forward?

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Gamification vs games

Exago’s team participated in Gamify 2017, an event gathering specialists to discuss the latest practices and the power and value of gamification for people, brands and organisations. “Gamification – The Way Forward” took place in the city of Porto, Portugal, on 6 June.

Five key dimensions for building your innovation challenges

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Remember these five innovation challenges dimensions

In the process of setting objectives for your business goals, you should always think SMART – as management guru Peter Drucker applies this expression. To make your objectives easy to understand and monitor, they need to be specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related. This mnemonic can be useful when establishing innovation challenges.

Six common mistakes and one advice for innovation challenges

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Operational efficiency is clearly ahead in idea implementation, while sales and marketing, sustainability and better customer experience count for more than half of all the ideas implemented. By dissecting the innovation challenges that performed the worst – and excluding extrinsic … Read More

Six must-haves in the quest for open innovation success

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We’ve seen how open innovation is stepping in to tear down more traditional corporate walls and to give you access to new sources of possibilities: the ideas, insights, opinions and visions of clients, partners, consumers and scientific and academic communities. … Read More

Where in the world is the audience for your open innovation programme?

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As we’ve seen before, you’ll have to create audience-centric content to capture your open innovation audience. But, you should consider to locate suitable community places, as well as aligning your communication messages with your targets, places, channels and value pools. Your communication plan needs to include key timing, targets, formats and messages – to meet programme objectives.

The rise of open innovation

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Just a little over two decades ago, engaging external stakeholders was a rare thing. Now, open innovation is trendy. Why is this? For a start, change has become the rule.

What we’ve learned about the idea management challenge

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Clocks showing different time zones

The clock is ticking. Most managers (86%, to be precise) believe transformation in their companies is imperative to guarantee unrelenting success. However, one in five companies has failed in its innovation attempts, and three in five have not yet made any effort in this area.

The first of 3 key success factors of innovation management

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At Exago, we’ve worked with extraordinary clients, such as Fleury, and others from pharmaceutical, banking, utilities and telecommunications industries – across four continents – to help them mobilise targeted communities to solve key business problems by learning from them and with them.

And the winner is…

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We are very pleased to announce that we have not only one, but two winners of our Anniversary Campaign. Given both the quantity and quality of the applications, we’ve decided to offer the use of our idea management software in 2016 to…

Are you ready for your innovation journey?

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7 innovation journey must-haves

Innovation is the way, the only to way, to stay ahead in the race. It’s the ongoing attitude that makes it possible. A source of opportunities, to create differentiated business models, products and cost structure that can ensure resilience and … Read More

How to build and train your internal army of innovators

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We’ve seen how collaboration and collective intelligence are key to shaping your company’s future. Since you’ve not been given an army of trained consultants, you need to find creative ways to build your own. Ongoing training programmes that ‘produce’ innovation … Read More

The future of work and the transformation from within

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Which companies are ensuring their place in the future? Definitely not those sticking to conventional models in work organisation or in structuring and running their businesses. As evolution teaches, the ability to adapt to environmental changes, such as the ones … Read More

10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 7 ignites motivation

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‘What’s in it for me?’ is the question your people will ask. Incentives motivate people. It’s not necessarily about tangible rewards such as prizes, but, most of all, recognition. Being recognised and to gain visibility inside the organisation motivates people to contribute to idea management programmes in every stage of the process – from thinking to creation to action.

10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 6 assures community awareness

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If people don’t come, your innovation efforts stand no chance. Active and clear communication is fundamental to maximising engagement, guaranteeing adequate participation. It also assures community awareness. Building a witty communication plan – one that lives and breathes innovation – is paramount for the success of your idea management programme across borders.

Gamifying innovation: stay ahead of the game

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Exago’s model proves that gamification can successfully be applied to innovation, as we have seen these last few weeks. As a result, the ideation process becomes highly engaging, highly efficient and sustainable over time.