Is gamification the way forward?

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Gamification vs games

Exago’s team participated in Gamify 2017, an event gathering specialists to discuss the latest practices and the power and value of gamification for people, brands and organisations. “Gamification – The Way Forward” took place in the city of Porto, Portugal, on 6 June.

Gamifying innovation: stay ahead of the game

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Exago’s model proves that gamification can successfully be applied to innovation, as we have seen these last few weeks. As a result, the ideation process becomes highly engaging, highly efficient and sustainable over time.

How exactly do we gamify innovation?

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Exago’s model applies game design techniques and covers most game elements we’ve identified quests (challenges), points, avatars, badges (opinion leader, etc.) and social interaction with the sharing of knowledge and information. It also promotes collaboration (co-creation, commenting and peer evaluation) and competition (the best ideas are chosen by the crowd) – including a system to reinforce a sense of progression and levelling up among participants.

Gamifying innovation: all can play, all can win

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One of the recurring preconceptions to overcome in any innovation management effort is that only experts are able to innovate. In a sense, it’s someone else’s job, not mine. This makes it difficult to bring people into the process and keep them motivated throughout the journey.

Why should you gamify innovation, anyway?

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Gamification relates to the desire for status, achievement and competition, making people feel fulfilled by their activities. But what benefits does this actually bring to your innovation initiatives?

Gamifying innovation: get to know your players

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The greatest challenge in gamifying your innovation initiatives is to construct the process so that everyone, or at least the majority of people, will feel in the flow, as we’ve seen. But how can you efficiently engage as many ‘players’ … Read More

Gami…what? How to make innovation fun

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We’ve said that gamification mechanics can make innovation management initiatives more appealing and successful, while drawing your people’s attention to key business challenges. But how exactly does this happen?

Ready to play the innovation game?

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More than ever, companies need to engage their employees to assure long-term viability. Yet, overwhelmed with information, people’s attention spans have become shorter and shorter. Their willingness to contribute to lateral activities has shrunk, particularly if these are boring or create anxiety. And innovation is often no fun…or can it be?