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Be it through team idea contests or widespread programmes, we are enthusiasts of innovation’s number one rule: Give your teams a voice.

TIP: The checklist for your innovation programme success

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Below is a checklist that, in our experience, will increase your odds of successfully implementing innovation initiatives. You will learn that there is never an ideal moment to get started and that you will never have all the necessary components aligned at the same time.

Back to basics: Define appropriate goals

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In previous posts, we’ve made the case for purpose-led innovation. However, it’s also true that, in some cases, the ‘job to be done’ can entail ‘softer’ ambitions, namely, creating an innovation culture and embedding an innovation capability.

The inevitability of incremental innovation

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Drop of water

In the last post we focused on the difficulties of investing in innovation during crisis times and outlined why it is important to think about the long run. Typically transformative results come from radical innovation which tends to take time … Read More

Innovation in times of crisis

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Color rain

Government and enterprise leadership tend to act the same way when facing a crisis: they cut what is seen as non-essential to the execution of their primary objectives. Basically, everything that seems not necessary for survival (in the short term) … Read More

What you need to be successful in your new innovation role

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Color fest

Stefan Lindegaard, an innovation guru, recently did a survey entitled “The people side of innovation” (58 respondents, mostly from large companies). Among other things he focused on three aspects: What are the most important personal qualifications for people working with … Read More