Decisions, decisions…

Be it through team idea contests or widespread programmes, we are enthusiasts of innovation’s number one rule: Give your teams a voice. Gather suggestions and insights and build on that knowledge together, as innovation becomes simply your way to do business.

One way or another, true employee engagement is more complicated than it seems, and it needs so much more than a carrot and stick philosophy. Millennial engagement? That raises the stakes even further. So, why not make participation more appealing, with fun challenges?

These days, we’re testing it for you!

Exago’s director on European Lotteries Innovation Award jury

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and cofounder, has been invited to be part of the 2015 European Lotteries (EL) Innovation Award jury. This international group of innovation experts will select the top 10 submissions for the EL Congress taking place in Oslo next month. The three winners will be revealed on 10 June.

Designed to promote and acknowledge best practices in lottery industry innovation, the EL Innovation Award recognises outstanding product, service or process innovation – for internal or external customers – that focuses on increasing sales or improving sales force efficiency. ‘The innovative drive is what counts, as well as the problem that is being solved, the solution’s feasibility and the value created and captured by the projects presented,’ Pedro explains.

As the umbrella organisation of national lotteries operating games of chance for the public benefit, EL brings together public and private operators – both profit and non-profit – who operate on behalf of the state.

Who else is on the jury?
Pedro is joining innovation experts from around Europe, including game industry veteran Aki Järvinen; Massimo Russo, editor-in-chief of ‘Wired’ Italy; highly decorated creative consultant Dietmar Dahmen; Hester Hilbrecht, design thinking evangelist at SAP in Berlin; bestselling business author André Noël Chaker; Joachim De Vos, founder and managing partner at TomorrowLab in Brussels and Christian Berger, managing director and founding member of BeeOne.

Pedro do Carmo Costa leads Exago’s business development efforts. He has given lectures at different universities, and he is a Beta-i competition mentor and an active guest speaker on engagement, collective intelligence and innovation competence building. His career has centred on the art and science of innovation for almost 15 years, during which he has worked to help large companies build an internal capacity for innovation – so they can grow and evolve successfully.

Meet our management team here.

Exago‘s employees in art performance workshop

Some Exago’s employees participated in an acting performance workshop this Christmas season. A famous Portuguese actor gave the training and made sure everyone would do his or her best on this tough challenge.

The result was a very committed group of people that released all their creativity, and enthusiastically performed some unforgettable sketches. It certainly contributed to increase self-knowledge in a very relaxed atmosphere.

The activity, followed by a cocktail and group dinner, also included a wrap-up of a year in which Exago beat all records in terms of revenues and client projects.

Exago Talks: Pedro Figueiredo

Recently Pedro Figueiredo, the founder of Box, came to Exago’s office to offer advice on some of the challenges his organization had overcome. Box is a company that represents actors and manages their careers, advising them on jobs available, image and branding, and other aspects related to their craft.

Pedro discussed the many difficulties in this kind of business model, mentioning the fact that the best and most important jobs for a career are rare while the ones that pay are very common. Actors must walk the line between choosing jobs that will further their careers while maintaining their image from erosion with poor quality but essential jobs that bring in adequate money.

Mr. Figueiredo then drew an equivalency to Exago’s business model, stressing the importance of being aware of what jobs and clients we are interested in and why they are important to make our business grow, adjusting the sophistication of our product to the sophistication of the client and its demands. It’s critical that organizations choose the customers that best match their offering and the services they provide.

Exago opens new office in São Paulo

Exago is undergoing a period of marked growth. The adhesion of an increasing number of companies to the Exago platform is an indicator of the recognition and confirmation of its usefulness and effectiveness: comprehension and aggregation, whether of the various sources of knowledge within the organisations or the structure of the companies themselves, and the in-depth involvement of the workers, result in the realisation of the potential of these organisations based on on-going and organic innovation criteria.

Along with the marked economic growth in emerging areas of the globe, Exago is accompanying the expansion process of these economies, namely in Latin America.

The opening of an Exago office in São Paulo, headed up by Francisco Rhodes Sérgio, is not only proof of the success of the solutions which we propose to the market and companies in Brazil, but a demand for knowledge and close ties with our clients. We believe that this presence in Brazil will foster solid growth by Exago in the Latin American markets.