Six must-haves in the quest for open innovation success

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We’ve seen how open innovation is stepping in to tear down more traditional corporate walls and to give you access to new sources of possibilities: the ideas, insights, opinions and visions of clients, partners, consumers and scientific and academic communities. … Read More

Where in the world is the audience for your open innovation programme?

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As we’ve seen before, you’ll have to create audience-centric content to capture your open innovation audience. But, you should consider to locate suitable community places, as well as aligning your communication messages with your targets, places, channels and value pools. Your communication plan needs to include key timing, targets, formats and messages – to meet programme objectives.

How to conquer your audience

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Giving you easy access to new sources of innovation, open innovation practices allow you to ask different questions of different communities.

Innovation beyond closed corporate walls

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From talent spotting through to technology scouting and the development of special connections with main stakeholders, the benefits of open innovation are many, no matter the type of industry or how big or small your organisation.

The promise of open innovation

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While the idea goes back to the 60s, Henry Chesbrough, faculty director of the University of California’s Center for Open Innovation, coined the expression ‘open innovation’ in 2003. He defined it as ‘a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas, as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as firms look to advance their technology’.

The rise of open innovation

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Just a little over two decades ago, engaging external stakeholders was a rare thing. Now, open innovation is trendy. Why is this? For a start, change has become the rule.

Open innovation and the fight for your audience

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Apple, Lego, Philips, Samsung, IBM, GSK and, most recently, Tata Steel, among many others – all have adopted open innovation initiatives to expand their organisations’ horizons. You’ll likely need to do this, too, since competitive advantages enjoy shorter lives. As … Read More

What could possibly go wrong with open innovation?

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Everyone understands the value and promise of open innovation in the business world – from brand awareness and customer engagement through to the search for fresh answers. But, truth be told, most programmes are failing to deliver results because their dynamics are too complex and the processes used are proving inefficient. A lack of relevance is also strongly affecting returns.

PT adopts Exago’s talent spotting solution

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PT recently started “The Talent”, an open project which uses an Exago’s solution to focus on new talent spotting. This project gives Exago’s software a new vision of open innovation and crowdsourcing, two determinants of long term value creation.