Set the timing right for your innovation challenges

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Now that you have identified your key innovation challenges and built them properly, remember to set the timings. Not only does the commitment to a deadline make participants focus, but this also helps you when defining goals with realistic deadlines.

Decisions, decisions…

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Exago's brainstorming ideas

Be it through team idea contests or widespread programmes, we are enthusiasts of innovation’s number one rule: Give your teams a voice.

The idea management challenge. How do they do it?

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The Brazilian company Fleury – a leading provider of clinical analyses in Latin America – has currently more than 10,000 employees. All can participate in Fleury’s innovation efforts. In 2007, the company initiated a programme to encourage suggestions for how … Read More

10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 7 ignites motivation

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Gummy bears

‘What’s in it for me?’ is the question your people will ask. Incentives motivate people. It’s not necessarily about tangible rewards such as prizes, but, most of all, recognition. Being recognised and to gain visibility inside the organisation motivates people to contribute to idea management programmes in every stage of the process – from thinking to creation to action.

TIP: How to build a winning innovation team?

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You want to set the innovation ball rolling, but you need your team to come along. What’s the trick to engaging people and their enthusiasm? 1. First, a thorough and intelligent communication plan Building a communication plan that promotes innovation … Read More

TIP: No team, no game

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As any good coach recognizes, if your team is not motivated, why bother set the ball rolling? The challenge applies to innovation. You may have your program in place with a brand, a logo, and maybe even a mascot. You … Read More

Performance evaluation in Idea Market

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Organizations using Exago’s Idea Market platform can take advantage of participation metrics at the user level. This allows administrators to identify which employees are actively engaging with the software and those who are not, determining participants’ interest in innovation before … Read More