Putting the Daily Innovation Model together

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Daily Innovation Model four quadrants

We’ve seen how you can locate your position in the Daily Innovation Model, built to help companies see innovation as a daily function of their job. When we place the continua on two axes – incremental to radical and process to product – things get interesting and we end up with four quadrants.

“Innovation is not for us”, they say

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Man in need of help to innovate

If I had a dollar for every time that someone said that to me, I wouldn’t need to work another day in my life. As someone who is trying to get corporations in Pakistan to understand the value of innovation, this declaration is extremely frustrating. 

ASO Company holds innovation conference in Istanbul

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Exago's partner ASO company Aylin Olsun

Exago’s partner ASO Company brought together over 100 innovation and human resources managers and some of Turkey’s leading firms – such as Siemens, LinkedIn and Vodafone – for its Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship Conference, this month in Istanbul. At the … Read More

Innovation is execution: going beyond ideas

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One of the most important facts about innovation is that it reduces risk. This is contrary to what is commonly believed but since markets are in constant flux the implementation of innovative ideas is a definite way to reduce risks … Read More

Announcement: new UK partnership

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Exago signs a partnership with F2X

Exago has signed a partnership with F2X Group, an innovative London-based consultancy specialized in technology and business processes. This is yet another sign of Exago’s expansion into this key global business center. Innovation management is becoming increasingly important to organizations … Read More

Announcement: new partnership in India

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Taj Mahal

Today our global presence in international markets marks another notable expansion. This is very important to us, once developing partnerships with local organizations is a primary strategy regarding worldwide expansion. By partnering with Albion, Exago has started its entry into … Read More