Exago at INDEG’s Executive MBA

Why is collaborative innovation imperative for companies today? Exago’s CEO, Diana Neves de Carvalho, met with students from the INDEG-ISCTE Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programme, in Lisbon, to debate innovation management’s main challenges and opportunities for businesses. Diana also shared insights into how to ensure success in implementing idea management software, based on customer examples.

‘Incremental collaborative innovation is a cornerstone of any resilient innovation programme, offering many possible focus applications: from process, product and service improvement to customer experience enhancement, cost optimisation and digitisation of core business,’ Exago’s CEO told the audience. She also explained how idea management software can be a powerful lever in this process ‘if well-tuned to a company’s innovation maturity level’, and by incorporating the wisdom of crowds and a predictive market mechanism.

Diana was invited to present real case studies, share insights and discuss the potential of innovation management solutions for companies. Isabel Caetano, who teaches innovation management classes in the EMBA, further underlined how ‘innovation management is a crucial competence to improve our students’ ability to nurture an innovative organisation, as well as to enable a more global career’.

Now in its thirteenth edition, the INDEG-ISCTE EMBA gives its graduates the skills to reach leadership positions and leverage their organisations through value creation and business development. INDEG-ISCTE was the first business school in Portugal, and it is a leader in executive education, with several MBA programmes well positioned in global rankings.

In 2015, INDEG-ISCTE also launched its Executive Master in Innovation Management, in partnership with CTT, R&D Nester, Siemens and VORTAL – this year joined by Nokia. The programme is designed for innovators, professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to develop a more structured approach to driving innovation towards value creation.

We’re in the top 5% of firms ranked by Happiness Works!

Exago’s one of the top 5% happiest organisations to work in, ranking eleventh in the Happiness Works – Happy Company 2016 initiative, among 209 surveyed participants. Now in its fifth edition, every year, Happiness Works assesses the overall well-being and happiness levels of thousands of workers in firms operating in Portugal.

With high levels of satisfaction among its workers, Exago ranked particularly high in innovation and sustainability indicators. These include a very positive work environment, personal life-work balance, trust and collaboration, stability and safety, individual contributions to the company’s path, leadership and management support and autonomy, proactivity and entrepreneurship.

The Happiness Works – Happy Company initiative was developed by the global executive search firm Horton International and Georg Dutschke, a professor and researcher at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, in partnership with Portugal’s reference business magazine, Exame.

Our upcoming summer team activity will give us the perfect opportunity to celebrate this latest achievement together!

REN adopts Exago’s innovation management solution

REN (Redes Energéticas Nacionais) has adopted Exago’s innovation management solution. In a customised platform -“Bolsa de Inovação”-, employees can now generate, comment, evaluate and select the ideas they believe will bring value to the company.

Exago’s innovation management model is based on an inclusive and transparent process where everyone is welcomed and different types of participation are recognised. “Bolsa de Inovação” will improve communication between top-management and staff, assuring strategic alignment while simultaneously engaging everyone in the company’s key business challenges.

A listed company, REN operates the national transmission grid in Portugal, which connects generators to consumption centres and ensures a balance between energy supply and demand.

Exago’s experience with clients in the energy sector spanning three continents was fundamental to addressing REN’s needs and objectives and will reinforce the project value and results.

Exago partners with Altice Portugal in open innovation initiative

“Desafio Mar” is an initiative launched by Portugal Telecom, which uses Exago’s open innovation solution to create and evaluate innovation solutions and foster entrepreneurship in the field of Sea Economics.

Desafio Mar” invited 460 college students and recent graduates to submit their ideas for projects regarding Sea Economics.

Sea economics is one of the major fields of activity for Portugal to restart leveraging the available natural resources and the historical experience of its people in sea-related activities. Having one of the largest economic exclusive areas of the world, Portugal wants to create an impactful cluster around this sector. This innovative programme has been highly successful in identifying projects that have substantial impact on society and the economy.

Exago’s Open Innovation model gives you easy access to new sources of innovation, by asking different questions of different communities. With our proven solution, you can deliver better and quicker results and strengthen brand awareness for your organisation.

Altice Portugal adopts Exago’s talent spotting solution

Altice Portugal has launched “Talento com Fibra”, an open project which uses an Exago’s Solution to focus on new talent spotting. This project gives Exago’s software a fresh vision of open innovation and crowdsourcing, two determinants of long term value creation.

Exago’s platform will allow potential new hires to demonstrate their value through the creation of ideas that address PT’s specific challenges. It uses a gamified mechanism that makes it fun to participate and increases initiative awareness (includes US patented technology). Mapping specific community questions to particular skills allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of candidates, while the discussion boards and collaboration tools make team players stand out.

Exago’s Talent Spotting solution helps HR managers make better decisions and accelerates the trainee recruitment process by supplying invaluable information about each candidate. This makes sure you get the best talent for your organisation.