Better looking and more clever than ever, this is our Fox Edition

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Exago's 3.6. idea management software edition

Exago’s 3.6 idea management software release is a major leap forward from the previous versions. With a brand new homepage look and feel, it offers additional idea review gates and a more comprehensive evaluation process, as well as more effective communication mechanisms.

Take a look…at the new look

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Exago's Idea Market macbook

Idea Market 3.5 release comes with a fresh face, new dashboard layout look and extended capabilities. It’s easier to catch up with platform activity and check details on display. Building on clients’ suggestion, we’ve created a more pleasant and intuitive … Read More

Stars, likes, investments – pick what suits you best

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Exago's innovation solution Idea Market screenshot

From likes to star ratings and market investments – or all of them working together – the Idea Market 3.5 release integrates multiple evaluation methods to choose from while setting up each challenge. A powerful differentiator, our solution is designed … Read More

Exago Spring 2014 release is out

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Idea Market Spring 2014 release

A great step up in usability and design; Exago’s new release revolutionizes how users experience the entire process of participating and creating value. Our design looks cleaner, with smoother transitions between different areas. It promotes more creativity and deeper analysis, … Read More

Idea Market now available in the cyrillic alphabet

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Russian alphabet

Exago has recently begun working with Russlavbank, one of the foremost Russian retail banks. This prestigious organization was attracted to Idea Market’s ability to build an innovation culture that strives for the creation of new ideas while simultaneously increasing employee … Read More

Software updates: Idea Market regulation

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New York's Wall Street Bull

Exago’s drive for constant improvement ensures that platform updates are continually rolled out. Recently, Idea Market has had some updates aimed to prevent opportunistic and manipulative behavior. This update limits the way participants invest in their own ideas. They may … Read More

Idea Market: Release 3, 2012

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This latest release brings a new look and feel to Idea Market. With a more interactive homepage, tags, user uploads, and more, we’ve increased the capabilities of the platform. The new homepage will allow users to easily monitor activity and … Read More

Idea Market: Release 2, 2012

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The biggest improvements in this release concerned usability and design, making the layout of Idea Network and Market more attractive and easier to use, with wiser occupation of the screen and bigger focus to action. The new design permits the … Read More