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Exago’s Business Transformation services convert your dormant human potential into action, capability and new behaviour. Whatever your innovation ambition, we help you engage your organisation’s collective intelligence by combining technology, consulting and management services, to deliver tangible business results.

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Our Principles

Innovation without results is useless

Without fresh answers, innovation is a waste of your resources. We gear our efforts to using the power of innovation to give you new solutions.

Collective intelligence has the power to find new answers

Someone, somewhere in your organisation has the key to your growth and differentiation challenges. Our tools and technology provoke new discussions and enable you to gain new perspectives.

Your people’s hidden potential can solve most of your business problems

You are sitting on huge potential: the experience, knowledge and ideas of your people and stakeholders. Learn how to unleash and make use of that latent potential.

Engagement is the fuel to sustain value creation

Getting that extra mile beyond the job description from your people is one of the great battles of our days. Involve and motivate your people to contribute to everyday differentiation.

What is your level of ambition?

What do you want to change in your organisation?

Understanding your ambitions helps you materialise a migration path, set your expectations and allocate resources more rationally.

Exago has assisted clients in solving very specific requests through carefully crafted initiatives that tackle business challenges innovatively, corporate programmes that develop new processes and functions and capability building that delivers long lasting competencies.


  • I want to solve a burning business issue, and I have a few months to do it
  • I have a corporate event, and I want to engage every employee around it
  • I want to engage my stakeholders or clients around a time-bound campaign


  • I want to create an internal innovation engine that I can use to solve business and strategy challenges
  • I want to bring down the barriers between departments and business units and create “one company”
  • I want to develop an open innovation programme


  • I want to transform my organisation into an innovation-led culture
  • I want to instil new behaviours in my company: contribution, innovation, customer-centricity, execution, cost-consciousness, collaboration…
  • I want to embed innovation as a core competency of my organisation

Our Framework

Leadership and purpose

define the innovation objectives that guide your entire effort and develop your leadership’s agenda

  • Innovation diagnostic
    focus on understanding the innovation maturity of your organisation and identifying the main blockages and levers to further success.
  • Innovation strategic architecture
    Establish a set of work dimensions and resources, as well as a roadmap, in a collaborative exercise where we align your innovation strategy with your corporate strategy.
  • Leadership agenda
    Engage your leadership team around your innovation agenda and make sure you have an assertive communication plan to rally the whole organisation around the jobs-to-be-done.
  • Purpose/jobs-to-be-done
    We assist you in defining the higher purpose of your innovation effort and identifying the jobs-to-be-done through innovation (i.e. translating relevant business challenges into innovation challenges).

Tools, processes and technologies

are innovation enablers – the building blocks that produce outcomes.

  • Insight management tools and processes
    From trends, technology, customer insight and core competencies, we provide the tools – including an insight management platform – and processes that help you develop and maintain a powerful catalogue of insights.
  • Idea generation tools and processes
    We aid you in developing offline and online sets of tools that ensure you produce more volume and quality ideas in groups or from individuals. Our Exago Market platform can be used to assist you in collecting and efficiently evaluating big volumes of ideas.
  • Idea acceleration and development tools and processes
    Facilitated tools that enable you to move from a simple value proposition to robust venture plans.
  • Experimentation and prototyping tools and processes
    Tools and methods that allow you to validate the key assumptions of your business plan and codify powerful experiments.
  • Implementation tools and processes
    These business tools and methods can assist you in scaling your business. We can deploy our idea implementation and monitoring online tool to crowdsource project execution.
  •

Incentives and recognition

are the mechanisms that encourage behaviour alignment with business and strategic agendas

  • Incentives and recognition plan
    Exago facilitates designing the right set of incentives and recognition elements to promote the desired organisational contributions and behaviours.
  • Metrics definition and tracking
    We define together your performance metrics and make sure you have the ability to measure them.

Governance and capability

is about sustaining innovation over time with organisational and competency-building structures.

  • Governance design (roles and responsibilities)
    Outline your innovation and business roles and responsibilities.
  • Innovation Sigma model and platform
    We have developed a comprehensive innovation competency-building system that creates a set of tools, common framework, and evolving proficiency model, which replicate the principles of Six Sigma as applied to innovation.


“The degree of internal satisfaction regarding employees’ involvement has increased significantly. More than two-thirds have registered, with a total impact of €30 million in implemented measures.”

João Dolores
PT Innovation Management Division

“The decision to choose Idea Market came about because this solution combines software and associated value-added services with a rapid and effective response to the process of collecting, assessing and implementing innovative ideas.”

Ismael Pulido
Endesa R&D Portfolio Management

“This programme has accelerated the creative potential of our team. It has also allowed us to industrialise the implementation of new ideas and, as such, significantly reduce the time to market.”

Zeinal Bava