10 best practices for cross-border innovation: Analysing number 4

Photo: Joshua Earle@unsplash.com

Nike’s goal is ‘to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world’. Barnes & Noble bookstores’ mission statement is ‘to operate the best specialty retail business in America, regardless of the product we sell’. And Starbuck’s motto is ‘to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time’. What is the perfect umbrella for your initiative?

When launching your innovation effort, you have to find a way to communicate that the initiative is bigger than just a simple project with a set of processes and tools. Individuals need a meaningful purpose to motivate them to dedicate their free time to activities that are not part of their official job description.

You have thus to follow up and build up on your organisation’s mission. Define a meaningful purpose for your innovation effort and identify ‘the jobs-to-be-done’ through innovation.

Show your teams that this is the opportunity to shape the company’s future, to out-differentiate our competition. More importantly, to write history together.

#Define a purpose that is bigger than the business itself

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

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