The 4 myths keeping medium enterprises from innovating

The only way to respond to a growing competitive business environment is to develop a corporate culture of innovation. And nowhere is this fight to succeed more marked than in medium-sized companies.

How to change the way cost-cutting is done and get swifter results

Leaders with a clear vision use cost-cutting and improvement to align costs with business strategy. In this paper, we explain how you can add it to your innovation agenda, discussing also how an innovation culture can save you costs and deliver continuous and effective results.

A model for daily innovation

There are quite a few examples of companies being blindsided by new products, new technologies and apps, struggling to accept and foresee change and the need to constantly innovate. Thinking about how to present innovation to companies, to help them see it as a daily function of their job, resulted in the birth of the Model for Daily Innovation, by our partner Rumman Ahmad.

‘How can agile commercialisation reframe and mitigate innovation uncertainties’

With real world examples from both B2B and B2C environments, Skarzynski advises on how to manage and improve the understanding of a new-to-the company concept relative to investment related to bringing unknown-to-the company or new industry concepts to market. He takes idea management one step further, sharing key highlights of his book

‘Insight enabled innovation: Principles and practice’

Following up on his first Exago webinar, Peter now reveals principles and practices for insight enabled innovation. He discusses three main topics: harnessing the collective intelligence of the organisation in terms of insights about the customer, the context and the company; converting those insights into a proprietary point of view; and generating ideas based on these insights.