Don’t miss out on the latest upgrades of Exago idea management software

Today, we’re announcing new features and improvements on Exago Smart and Exago Open to help innovation managers perform better, while increasing process efficiency and the thoroughness of the idea evaluation stage. This set of upgrades also includes new layout, language and technical developments to improve communication with and among users.

Our goal is to provide a more appealing experience for participants and, in return, a more efficient and easier idea management process for you.



  • The option of having multiple managers per challenge: Multiple managers can now validate, transition and assess ideas, thus improving the overall quality of the process and the flow of the idea management funnel. Tasks can be shared and ideas can be reviewed by different experts per challenge, gathering diverse perspectives and enhancing idea analysis as a whole.
  • A new Key Tasks menu: The new menu organises all the tasks to make sure managers know exactly what needs to be done and when, in the three phases of the process – idea validation, evaluation and transition. In addition, new notifications alert reviewers of pending evaluations, while pop-up banners inform managers on their current tasks on login. This gives extra visibility to everyone’s responsibilities, ensures the process runs smoothly, reduces the chances of bottlenecks and increases programme efficiency. In the transition phase in particular, managers can now also easily identify the best-ranked ideas and compare evaluation dimensions (e. g., expected ROI vs implementation costs) for more robust decision-making.
  • Improved layout and usability in the review rating system: Both the new rating system functionality and its layout enhance the process of evaluating and commenting on an idea. Bringing more flexibility to users, a new edit option also allows reviewers to go back and adjust their feedback if needed.
  • A new, more complete text editor: Anyone using the platform, be it managers or users, can now easily adjust and organise all text shared with an updated, more flexible content editor.



  • Updated platform language tone: The English, Portuguese and Spanish versions have been carefully reviewed for a more welcoming and appealing user experience.
  • A mobile version with extended features: Exago mobile version now includes a news page to keep participants fully informed and aligned with the initiative, among other upgrades.
  • Refreshed and shareable news page: With a new layout and more engaging navigation, you can now find the news that really interest you more easily and spread the word using the social media share option.

Watch for some exciting announcements soon!


Welcome to our renewed mission, brand and product offering

We all sometimes feel the need or a resolve to explore and create new paths. At Exago, we’ll be celebrating our 1oth anniversary this year and understand it is the time for such evolution, so that we are fit to evolve with your business in the years ahead. As a result, we bring you:

• A new mission statement: we embrace the mission of making innovation come together, both by engaging everyone to collaborate and share the innovation challenge, and by delivering a powerful platform designed to find, improve and bring to life ideas with high potential for value creation.

• A new image: with our innovation management software fully conquering our core business, Exago is now the software, the people and the company. This fresh positioning has inspired a new brand and website, to introduce the best of us.

• A new product offer: after listening to our clients and market needs, we now deliver three software editions:

  • EXAGO SMART gives you advanced innovation performance. Based on our US-patented prediction markets algorithm, this platform efficiently gathers your company’s collective intelligence for smarter decision-making;
  • EXAGO OPEN will take your innovation programme beyond corporate walls, effectively engaging external stakeholders;
  • Arriving soon is EXAGO START, a swift innovation software for those taking the first steps into building an idea management programme.

Regardless of how much changes, our goal to help all our clients succeed in their innovation programme remains the same, and just got stronger.

Better looking and more clever than ever, this is our Fox Edition

Exago’s 3.6 idea management software release is a major leap forward from the previous versions. With a brand new homepage look and feel, it offers additional idea review gates and a more comprehensive evaluation process, as well as more effective communication mechanisms.

Fox’s homepage follows the most up-to-date web design trends to give users an attractive and easy-to-navigate environment. You can expect: new layout of widgets and new navigation mechanisms; more graphical and appealing design configurations; expanded and more appealing highlights’ widget for more effective communication.

We know that flexibility is key to our current and future customers, as their idea management processes evolve. So we keep looking for better and more effective ways to manage the idea workflow, which now also includes:

  • New idea evaluation gates (review rating) in custom statuses: ideas can now be attributed to different groups for evaluation, and consideration of different evaluation dimensions (per status), which is particularly useful when specific expertise and knowledge are needed for a more comprehensive idea assessment. In addition, evaluations can be made public or private, according to the initiative’s requirements, providing greater flexibility in the process.
  • New visibility permissions for submitted ideas: to ensure that ideas are aligned and relevant to the challenges, they can now first pass through a validation gate before being published and visible to all.

To enable more complete and comprehensive evaluation, Exago’s Fox edition offers:

  • Sharing of private comments between evaluators: this new feature allows evaluators to share among each other views and insights on ideas under assessment.
  • New, more complete reports and dashboard: with new evaluation gates come updated reports. They now include additional content and new evaluation dimensions that bring greater detail and flexibility to platform data analysis. The dashboard now also refers to custom statuses and managers can follow the number of ideas distributed, allowing for a more complete view of the cycles’ progress.

FOX’s release opens new communication bridges with active and potential participants, namely with:

  • Fresh news page: a brand new news page, with a sleek design and great feel, now keeps all users informed and updated with relevant information related to the shared challenges and the initiative itself.
  • New guest mode function for unregistered users: in response to the needs of open innovation initiatives, we have developed a more intuitive and revealing Guest Mode. Unregistered users can now experience the benefits of being part of these communities and are invited to join in.
  • On-demand custom notifications: in addition to Fox’s default notification engine, you can now send custom notifications to all users or to specific groups.

To see our new idea management software edition live reach us here
You can also get our Fox edition brochure here.

Stars, likes, investments – pick what suits you best

From likes to star ratings and market investments – or all of them working together – the Idea Market 3.5 release integrates multiple evaluation methods to choose from while setting up each challenge. A powerful differentiator, our solution is designed to offer agile idea evaluation to find the best answers to your particular business challenges.

Based on challenge specificity, targeted community and continuous feedback, you can privilege a simpler method, such as likes, stars, or a more refined evaluation through a ‘stock market’ – our US patented model to encourage relevant participation and promote the best process output. Different challenges can co-exist simultaneously with different evaluation methods.

The flexibility and simplicity you gain eases idea management and allows you to evolve successfully throughout your innovation journey.

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Exago’s brand new 3.5 release is out, and it’s more flexible than ever

‘Et maintenant’, Exago’s idea management software is available in French

With a new French version, Exago’s Idea Market is, as of March, available in eight language options. This newest translation eases the adoption of the idea management software by two new clients headquartered in France and in Quebec, Canada, as their teams can now navigate the platform in these countries’ mother tongue.

Idea Market is thus being used in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese versions – mobilising thousands of people, in 10 sectors and four continents, to take part in their organisations’ innovation and business evolution challenges. Integration with Google Translate API also allows Exago’s multinational customers, who use the platform in several other languages, to have immediate content translation, promoting their teams’ collaboration across countries and cultures.

Each employee in these companies can share his or her expertise and opinions by submitting corporate-related ideas and insights and collaboratively evaluating everyone’s contributions. Exago’s platform market mechanism activates and gathers companies’ collective intelligence, to find the ideas the ‘crowd’ considers of most value to these organisations, all in a highly engaging and efficient way.