Say ‘inovaţie’: Exago’s innovation software now available in a seventh language

Since this September, Romanians have been able to use Exago’s innovation software platform in their mother tongue. Available also in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese versions, this idea management software is enabling thousands of people – across 10 sectors, four continents and a variety of cultures – to contribute to their organisations’ innovation and business evolution goals.

The new translation eased the adoption of Exago’s US patented model by a new client operating in Romania. This multinational client is seeking to align and engage its entire staff in key innovation efforts.

Each employee can now share expertise and opinions, by submitting ideas and insights and collaboratively evaluating everyone’s contributions. Exago’s platform market mechanism activates and gathers the client company’s collective intelligence, to find the ideas ‘the crowd’ considers of most value to the organisation and its business.

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Online platforms are powerful innovation enablers – the building blocks to produce outcomes. But they won’t stand on their own. If you want to create a true innovation culture, you need to have as many people as possible participating in the process. You need to manage those tools efficiently.

The typical suggestion box mechanism in which participants’ activity gets restricted to submitting ideas is certainly not up to the challenge. The forum model – where people can submit and comment on other people’s ideas – also has its limitations.

Your participants need to get involved in the evaluation and selection processes, as well. This is the only way to boost the scope of your target and to convince people their contributions are valued.

Idea management software, functioning as an ‘idea market’, has proven to be highly effective at unleashing your people’s and communities hidden innovation potential, crossing all boundaries. Geared to reaching goals, this gets each person to engage and participate more over time, whether you’re seeking to improve performance, find new products and methods or develop a widespread, collaborative culture of innovation.

These platforms can collect everyone’s ideas and insights, regardless of individuals’ geographical dispersion, when carefully designed to:

  • Be flexible and customisable to several languages and different look-and-feel;
  • Be inclusive, motivating different types of people;
  • Be transparent, so that participants understand the rules and constraints;
  • Provide (immediate) feedback for people to remain engaged and understand how they can improve their participation;
  • Provide social interaction, since sharing, competition and collaboration are decisive stimuli motivating people to contribute;
  • Have clear incentives and recognition mechanisms;
  • Be entertaining – using gamification mechanics, that make the process more attractive and sustainable.

Following these guidelines, we base our solutions on expert services and a software platform that mimics a stock market – all can submit, comment and next invest in the ideas they believe in, and be recognised and awarded for creating value. Using gamification, this model keeps adoption levels high over time.

Additionally, we use and recommend the adoption of prediction markets mechanisms. They allow dealing visibly with high volumes of information, typical in multinational organisations, and make decision-making more efficient, harnessing your community’s collective intelligence.

# Make participation inclusive
# Make work fun – gamify
# Use prediction markets’ powerful evaluation engine

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

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Idea Market now available in the cyrillic alphabet

Exago has recently begun working with Russlavbank, one of the foremost Russian retail banks. This prestigious organization was attracted to Idea Market’s ability to build an innovation culture that strives for the creation of new ideas while simultaneously increasing employee engagement. To Russlavbank collaborative innovation is a logical way to change daily working routines while creating value to the company through employee engagement.

This is the first time Exago’s platform has been offered in a different alphabet. Translation expertise was facilitated by Trustcom.

Idea Market: Release 3, 2012

This latest release brings a new look and feel to Idea Market. With a more interactive homepage, tags, user uploads, and more, we’ve increased the capabilities of the platform.

The new homepage will allow users to easily monitor activity and news. There is now an Interactive Challenges slider which allows users to immediately view or create ideas for a specific challenge. Users will also find an indicator which shows the ideas they’re actively participating in through the new Ideas in Market section.

Tags have been introduced to allow the categorization of ideas. This will make it easier for users to find specific subjects and will no doubt prove to be helpful during the validation process.

Another important enhancement is that user upload can now be made by the client, increasing its autonomy concerning platform administration.

New feeds of market and user activity along with a list of top users and a catalogue of prizes are other features found in this release.

Idea Market: Release 2, 2012

The biggest improvements in this release concerned usability and design, making the layout of Idea Network and Market more attractive and easier to use, with wiser occupation of the screen and bigger focus to action.

The new design permits the detail page to have more information, displaying the main activity indicators, allowing multimedia themes and including a countdown on challenges’ time.

The improvements on notifications are also a significant result of this release. A new notification template is available and it is now possible to configure notifications’ dispatch in an aggregated way.

Answering to the clients’ needs, we ensured enhancements on the standard reports, creating new filters regarding activity per user and listing of ideas and clarifying date filters. The availability of these reports gives a new autonomy to the BI teams, allowing free exploration of the collected information.