Take a look…at the new look

Idea Market 3.5 release comes with a fresh face, new dashboard layout look and extended capabilities. It’s easier to catch up with platform activity and check details on display. Building on clients’ suggestion, we’ve created a more pleasant and intuitive experience for users and platform managers.

You’ll find a sleeker, cleaner image, including new icons. Widgets and action tools are also more appealing, and it’s easier to navigate.

Together, they create a better overall experience, improving the way you measure and monitor results and act to promote more continuous activity.

Want to take a closer look? Reach us here: inquiries@exago.com.

Check out what else is new:
Exago’s brand new 3.5 release is out, and it’s more flexible than ever

Stars, likes, investments – pick what suits you best

From likes to star ratings and market investments – or all of them working together – the Idea Market 3.5 release integrates multiple evaluation methods to choose from while setting up each challenge. A powerful differentiator, our solution is designed to offer agile idea evaluation to find the best answers to your particular business challenges.

Based on challenge specificity, targeted community and continuous feedback, you can privilege a simpler method, such as likes, stars, or a more refined evaluation through a ‘stock market’ – our US patented model to encourage relevant participation and promote the best process output. Different challenges can co-exist simultaneously with different evaluation methods.

The flexibility and simplicity you gain eases idea management and allows you to evolve successfully throughout your innovation journey.

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Check out what else is new:
Exago’s brand new 3.5 release is out, and it’s more flexible than ever

Exago’s brand new 3.5 release is out, and it’s more flexible than ever

Exago’s 3.5 Idea Market release has arrived, offering a flexible workflow that fits your company’s reality and innovation programme. Answering clients’ identified needs, we continue the evolution path: 3.5 offers significant workflow options to meet your specific idea management process.

If your initiative requires a simpler idea selection funnel and minimal hierarchical and organisational procedures, you can pick a basic idea workflow with only three phases: idea submission, collaborative evaluation and final appreciation and implementation. But, if you need a more complex corporate and hierarchical evaluation processes to handle higher volumes of ideas through additional gates, while ensuring a more accurate idea filter, we can also easily set this up for you.

Our solution adapts to your company’s innovation processes, increasing the overall ease of the idea management process.

And there’s more soon to be unveiled. Do you want to get a preview? Contact our innovation experts at inquiries@exago.com.

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Stars, likes, investments – pick what suits you best
Take a look…at the new look
Idea Market 3.5 release helps you see clearer ahead
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Last, but not the least, Idea Market 3.5 smooths managers work

Exago Spring 2014 release is out

A great step up in usability and design; Exago’s new release revolutionizes how users experience the entire process of participating and creating value. Our design looks cleaner, with smoother transitions between different areas. It promotes more creativity and deeper analysis, whenever participants generate content.

An entirely new approach to content-centric discovery makes finding specific content that much easier. In this highly intuitive navigation system, using search and tag filtering, all elements pop up quickly, while trending tags allow users to explore freely along new pathways.

We have added a unified section for creating content—visible at all times in a tab and dedicated to ideas and insights. Our module for idea management integrates all insight creation, increasing the available information and promoting knowledge sharing amongst participants. Managers can also associate insights with multiple challenges, inspiring participants to generate increasingly valuable ideas.

In navigation and usability, dozens of adjustments — including different levels of tabs — allow easy access to the most relevant platform areas at any time:

    • Challenges stand out as the central concept of the platform, linked to every other type of content and all process information.
    • Much more detailed and based on O-Data reports, reporting now offers system administrators all relevant information needed for analysis.
    • Last, but not least, participants can directly translate the content they generate, using integrated Google translation tools.

In essence, Exago’s new release makes life easier for participants. It incentivizes users to participate with more valuable and informed content. Our more user-centric approach enables administrators to analyze activity more deeply, reconfigure at will, and update communication plans — maximizing performance and bottom-line results.

Not merely a touch-up job, the Spring 2014 release offers a complete makeover that gives our users a state-of-the-art experience in innovation management.

Idea Market now available in the cyrillic alphabet

Exago has recently begun working with Russlavbank, one of the foremost Russian retail banks. This prestigious organization was attracted to Idea Market’s ability to build an innovation culture that strives for the creation of new ideas while simultaneously increasing employee engagement. To Russlavbank collaborative innovation is a logical way to change daily working routines while creating value to the company through employee engagement.

This is the first time Exago’s platform has been offered in a different alphabet. Translation expertise was facilitated by Trustcom.