So happy we did it again! Exago in “Happiness Works 2018” TOP 15

Exago is once again one of the TOP 15 companies of the Happiness Works initiative, after first being recognised in 2016. The ranking Exame – Happiness Works 2018 assesses the overall well-being and happiness levels of workers in firms operating in Portugal.

The Exago innovation software house ranks 11th in this year’s edition, with over 4000 respondents. Key study indicators include a positive work environment, personal life/work balance, trust and collaboration, stability and safety, individual contributions to the company’s path, leadership and management support and autonomy, proactivity and entrepreneurship.


Happiness is a serious business

With the expansion of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and academic and organisational interest in the subject booming in recent years, “it’s more important than ever to find and retain talent, and that means keeping employees happy”, says Georg Dutschke, the professor who leads the research. As he explains, Happiness Works is not just a ranking, “it’s about creating a culture of happiness”.

According to the survey, the internal environment, recognition, and personal confidence and development represent more than 50% of happiness in organisations, with salary representing just 10% of the overall results.

A commitment to happiness seems to pay off, as organisations that invest in employee experience multiply their revenue fourfold. High employee engagement can also result in a 19.2% increase in revenue in just one year, the study concluded.

Launched in 2012, the Happiness Works survey is promoted by Lukkap Portugal, Atlântica University and the leading business magazine Exame. The 2019 rankings will take into account additional stress and burnout factors.

Diana Neves de Carvalho takes the lead at Exago

Blending consultancy, management and information technology (IT) expertise, Diana Neves de Carvalho is now Exago’s chief executive officer (CEO). Her problem-solving talents and ‘make it happen’ spirit are focused on one main mission: to provide innovation managers the most efficient idea management software to make innovation the engine for sustainable corporate growth.

‘The importance of managing corporate ideas must not be underestimated. It’s the way your teams reinvent and continuously improve your business together, opening doors in order to grow stronger and remain competitive.’ ‘Every single day and every single idea bring new opportunities, which you must quickly learn to harness, improve and bring to life,’ says Diana.

Since its foundation in 2007, Exago has grown with clients and partners worldwide, reaching four continents and a variety of industries – from major retailers and telecom operators to health organisations and energy suppliers. Exago’s US-patented model and Idea Market software are now available in eight language options. The new CEO asserts that ‘our main challenges are to reinforce Exago’s product-driven strategy focus, accelerate expansion to key geographies, such as Europe, Latin America and the US, and reach new ones, including Asia and the Middle East. We’re highly motivated and fully committed to achieving this.’

Until now Exago’s vice president of business services, Diana Neves de Carvalho joined the company in 2013. Previously, she worked as a consultant and IT advisory expert for KPMG and Deloitte in Lisbon. Having earned a Masters in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico, Diana is passionate about innovation and the way it can translate into reality and change. One additional curious fact: besides being a fan of skiing (‘of moving forward’, she explains), she cannot turn her back on bold enigmas, and she recently launched her own escape game project in the Portuguese capital.

Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s co-founder and former CEO, remains on the board of directors, actively contributing to the company’s strategic decisions and objectives. In the following months, the team will grow and strengthen itself as Exago continues to consolidate its Idea Market brand and expand commercially.